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Doing Business in the Saudi Arabian Market – a guide to exhibiting in the Kingdom
SOURCE:Γραφείο Οικονομικών και Εμπορικών Υποθέσεων Τζέντας


  • Saudi Arabia is a country full of actual and potential business and investment opportunities. However, it should be noted that the Saudi Arabian market is highly competitive and business transactions take place on the basis of quality and cost.
  • Exhibitions provide an extremely effective vehicle from which to approach the vast Saudi Arabian market. To ensure that the right lines are exhibited, adequate preparatory market research is crucial.
  • Selecting a suitable event is important, and obtaining professional support from the organiser is even more so.
  • Going it alone is possible but not advised. There are restrictions on what can be imported into the Kingdom, plus various legislative stipulations and procedures to be followed. There is no substitute for a professional support team working behind the scenes and guiding you through the procedures.
  • As with any participation, preparation is the key to a rewarding event and return on investment. It’s highly advisable to follow the recommendations of the organiser as set out in the event manual, as these include specific requirements for individual exhibitions and make participation as straightforward as possible.
  • The manual covers all details for participating in the event including visa requirements, freight forwarding and legalities, as well as stand specifications, lighting, furnishings and special decorations.
  • Manuals include forms for most exhibitor requirements and most organisers offer an online process that makes the process even easier.
  • Event material, displays and exhibits need to arrive in the Kingdom at least four weeks before the exhibition.
  • There must be no references to the State of Israel, alcohol or any other religion other than Islam in any literature intended for use in the Kingdom. The consequences are that it may get no further than customs.
  • Promotional material must conform to the Kingdom’s moral code and it is best advised to check with the organiser or preferred freight forwarder first.
  • It is advisable to work with Reed Sunaidi to maximise publicity of your participation. They will have planned a targeted campaign and adding your marketing activity to it will maximise returns.
  • Visas can be obtained for an event for exhibition staff only and not for visitors - it’s important to ensure that male staff can be made available for the exhibition as visa applications for females are often more challenging to obtain. It is possible however to obtain them by working closely with Reed Sunaidi, as they have a well-connected local partner based in Saudi Arabia.
  • If in doubt about anything to do with the event, it is advisable to consult Reed Sunaidi or their appointed contractors as they operate on the basis that your success is their success.

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